Frequently Asked Questions: Legislature Updates

Q: How does HB 2188 affect sales information?
A: HB 2188, a Texas law that became effective June 18, 2007, makes confidential any information about properties that an appraisal district obtains from private sources. The private sources are also confidential. Sales information will continue to be available to property owners and their agents who timely filed a value protest. However, these owners and their agents are obligated by the law to keep the information confidential as well.

Q: How does HB 402 afftet the Appraisal District's Board of Directors?
A: The Appraisal District's Board of Directors are prohibited from discussing their property with any member of the Appraisal District unless in an open public forum, during a Board of Directors meeting, or in the ARB.

Q: What happens if someone releases confidential sales information or the confidential source of confidential sales?
A: An offense under this section is a misdemeanor punishable by:

  1. a fine of not more than $1,000;
  2. confinement in the county jail for not more than six months; or
  3. both the fine and confinement.

A violation under this section constitutes official misconduct.