Frequently Asked Questions: General Information

Q: My property information is wrong. How do I get it changed?
A: This site only displays the information provided by the appraisal district. You will need to contact the appraisal district at or 361-881-9978, and inform them of the wrong information. Each appraisal district has their own procedure for reporting changes.

Q: How current is the information on your site?
A: The information is updated nightly.

Q: I don't want my information available on the web. How do I get it deleted?
A: The data that is being presented on this website is public record and available under laws governing the public's right to access public information. We cannot selectively remove or withhold this information.

Q: Why do I get an error message that says 'Request Timed Out'?
A: This error generally occurs when the search criteria is too broad to complete the search before the set time limit. Narrow the search down by providing additional search criteria.

Q: What is the Nueces County Appraisal District's role in the tax system?
A: There are three main parts to the property tax system in Texas: an appraisal district in each county sets the value of property each year; an Appraisal Review Board settles disagreements between property owners and the appraisal district about property values and exemptions; they also make determinations on challenges initiated by taxing units; local taxing units, which include the county, city, school district, and other special districts, decide how much money they will spend.  This, in turn, determines the total amount of taxes that property owners must pay.

Q: Who sets the tax rates?
A: The governing body (city council, school board, county commissioners) of each taxing entity sets the rates for their jurisdiction. The taxing units decide what services they will provide in the coming year and how much money they will need to provide those services. Each taxing unit adopts a tax rate that will raise the needed tax dollars.

Q: What are the taxes on this property? How much are my taxes?
A: NCAD does not levy taxes, set the tax rate or collect any taxes. The Appraisal district does not capture the amount of taxes on each property. You must call your appropriate tax office for that information. The Nueces County Tax Office can be reached at 361-888-0307.

Q: Is there any information in Spanish?
A: Yes, the Property Tax Assistance Division (PTAD) announces the release of a new online Spanish language Property Tax Basics. The taxpayer-friendly publication will help Spanish-speaking customers better understand the property tax system and how it works. You can view and download a copy of the new publication here: (PDF)

Q: Is a property tax calendar available?
A: Yes, PTAD also has released the 2013 Tax Calendar. You can locate the calendar on the Texas State website here.  Check the Web site for future updates of this calendar